Welcome to the website of the seminar "Superlinerar algebra and supergeometry" in Winter term 2017/18.

This seminar is addressed to all students in physics and mathematics. Preliminary is only good knowledge of the courses Analysis and Linear Algebra. The first talks can be chosen as "Proseminar" by students in second year. The following talks can be chosen either as "Proseminar", as "Seminar" or as "Seminar mit Ausarbeitung". The last talks are addressed to students of the Master programme or PhD students.

Superlinear algebra and supergeometry are extensions of classical linear algebra and classical geometry. The prefix "super" refers to so-called supersymmetry, a proposed correspondence in theoretical physics between bosons and fermions. Superlineare algebra and supergeometry are mathematical structures that were developed in order to model supersymmetry. The topics we want to discuss in this seminar are:

  • Super vector spaces and super algebras
  • Ringed spaces
  • Supermanifolds
  • Applications in physics, supersymmetry
The schedule of talks can be found under "Talks".